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How To Make A Grey Bedroom Cool

Gray is a popular color for rocking in bedrooms as it is a calm and neutral color and this is what we need to relax. Gray is also a very compatible color. You can rock it with everything or you can choose different shades of gray all together. The only downside is that a gray room can be very dull as this color is completely neutral. How do I avoid a boring look? Easily give your gray bedroom a variety of colors of your choice – with accessories and furniture, or use artwork which is an easy and budget-friendly option. Here are a few examples of how to create a gray bedroom in style.

Pairing gray and other colors

Gray is a neutral color that looks great with literally any other color, from soft and pastel tones to bold and eye-catching. It all depends on the effect you want: combine gray with white or other neutral colors for a fresh and inviting look. If you want a glamorous feel, go for gray and some shades of pink, add a crystal chandelier and some faux fur. Combine gray with bold colors of your choice to create a contrast and add depth and drama to the room decor. How can you fill your space with colors? Opt for brightly colored bedding, curtains, carpets, works of art and a variety of furniture. Use different materials – knitwear, faux fur, silk, different types of upholstery, leather and wood to add texture to the bedroom and make it more interesting again.

Gallery walls

A gallery wall is a popular feature in modern home decor, and more and more homeowners are creating it at home. A gallery wall is pretty easy to design (a full tutorial can be found here), and you can add completely different elements, from signs to your own photos, to create different effects. Create a gallery wall over the headboard, or in an awkward corner, or wherever you want, and you’ll get a bold decorating feature without investing a lot of time or money.

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