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How To Incorporate Tulips Into Your Spring Decor

Tulips are perhaps the most bouncy flowers ever, they bring joy and a fresh touch. What better way to arrange them so that they impress you and give the room a spring-like feel?

There are thousands of ways to arrange them. The vase or container will depend on the style you want – baskets, vintage cups, pitchers, water cans, glass vases, tin cans or whatever you want. Baskets and galvanized buckets and tubs make for a rustic space, sleek modern vases and test tubes go well with modern spaces and watering cans, and various large buckets can be used outdoors. An ikebana made from tulips is a cool east-inspired idea. They look really unusual and can make a cool centerpiece. Grow some tulips indoors in a soil-free glass bowl to keep your home clean, or maybe in a planter and cover them with moss – a real springtime twist!

Mix your tulips with cherry blossoms, willow or other plants and foliage that will make the look more catchy and make your space more springtime. Tulips can also come in a variety of colors, from pink and purple to pure white. Arrange them with an ombre effect or block the color with tulips. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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