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How To Incorporate Rope Into Home Decor Ideas

Rope brings a strong nautical vibe and is suitable not only for decorating beach houses, but also for industrial and male spaces. So how can you use a rope for decoration?

  1. Furniture. Make or buy shelves with a rope, wrap various parts such as a bedside table, coffee table or chair – in whole or in part. You can use rope to hang an outdoor chair – it’s durable and continues your beach theme. Such pieces of rope add charm to your home decor by the sea.
  2. Lights. Here the most popular idea is to hang a lamp on a rope, or you can rewrap the lamp yourself – there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there.
  3. Inner. Wrap the railing, use rope as a room divider, use thick rope in place of the railing – these are just a few ideas you can use. Let your imagination run wild and create one!
  4. Equipment. Use rope to decorate mirrors, photo frames, door stoppers, candle holders, make baskets, etc. Enjoy the following examples and be inspired!

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