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How To Illuminate Outdoor Space

The open-air season is in full swing and we are spending more and more time outside to have a drink, eat, read, chat with friends and have a barbecue. The choice of decor, furniture and other things is very important to make your stay there much more comfortable and welcoming. Lighting your rooms is one of the points, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors at night. Let’s come up with some ideas on how to light up your patio or patio.

Look at your space

Look what you need to light up – a BBQ area, outdoor kitchen, pool, outdoor bedroom or living area, or even a bathroom. The lighting for all these rooms, their intensity and functionality will be completely different. Also consider whether you need to illuminate paths and steps or windows. For example, look at the space available and the ways you can use walls.

Strive for versatility

Take a look at the market and choose a versatile lighting system with LEDs, sensors, programs, mechanisms and easy installation. Ambient lights are also great for outdoors. Look at them.

Outdoor kitchen lights

If we take outdoor kitchens, LED lights in the roof above that kitchen or in the walls are the most popular option. If the roof is made of wood panels, you can just hang some lamps that you like – choose the same lamps throughout the kitchen area, they should match your exterior decor.

Outdoor pool lights

If you need to make the pool stand out, one of the simplest ideas is to use sun rope lighting along the entire edge of the pool – it’s quite inexpensive and easy to install. Indoor lighted pools are just stunning! Swimming in them while it’s dark is breathtaking! You can also install LEDs around the pool if there is enough light. A modern and fun way to illuminate the pool is with floating lamps – they make your pool magical and you can swim with them.

Illuminate outside steps

If you have garden steps or front yard steps, light them to guide the way and not to fall when you get home late. Opt for solar lights on the steps or indoor lighting between the steps for a bold, modern look. If your stairs are next to the wall, you can wall-mount the lighting kit to save space.

Outdoor lounge lights

Fairy lights are the easiest idea for a seating area as they can be attached to almost any room and anywhere. It is also an inexpensive solution. Do you want something else? Make a fireplace or fire pit and add candles or candle lanterns for beautiful ambient lighting. If you have tall grass or bushes, you can hide lights in it and just put a floor lamp for comfort.

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