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How To Furnish Nursery With Ikea

Waiting for a little miracle? Then you are probably puzzling over a lot of things: what name to choose, what things to buy beforehand and how to decorate a kindergarten for the new family member. IKEA will save you! There is no place where you can get new and simple furniture for a reasonable price and don’t forget – these pieces are easy to hack! I have prepared some ideas for using IKEA items for a kindergarten. Let’s take a look for some inspiration.


IKEA offers a whole range of cool children’s beds: Gulliver, Stuva, Sundvik, Hensvik, Sniglar, Gonatt and their options with and without storage space. All of them are amazing for a contemporary space, but you can still hack them if they don’t suit your space. Add different colors – just paint all or part of the crib in the colors that match your child’s room. You can also add various details such as: B. a frame over the cot, or even decorate it with fabric and other details.

Switch tables

A changing table is a must have for any kindergarten, and you can easily make one if you have some IKEA parts on hand. Grab IKEA Kallax, Expedit, Rast or Hemnes and create a cool changing table that fits your room perfectly. There are plenty of tutorials out there on the web who get creative and create something you like – paint, repaint, color-block, cover with wood and plywood, or otherwise. The good thing about these items is that they offer a lot of storage space – drawers or open storage spaces, and you will need them very much. You can also change the look, remove drawers to create open shelving, or use baskets instead of drawers, for example. Have fun!


Every parent needs chairs or a sofa to be comfortable in the nursery, to read, relax and just have time with their child. The most popular options are Poang and Strandmon chairs. The first is very comfortable and there is a footrest if necessary. The second is a comfy bouncer that is perfect for a kid’s room as rocking will help your baby calm down and fall asleep. Pick a piece you like and hack it if you need to consider the style and colors of the room. Enjoy!

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