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How To Design An Open Layout

Open layouts are the most popular for home decor right now, and they’re seen everywhere and rocked for all decor styles. How to properly decorate an open layout to get a stylish and bright space? Here are some cool tips that will help you with that.

Separate with furniture and carpets

Although an open layout aims to unite rooms, you still need to separate the zones, but they shouldn’t be brought together too much. The most important and popular way of dividing the rooms with furniture and carpets. Take a large L-shaped or usual sofa to separate the living room from the other rooms. Opt for a large and colorful kitchen island to separate the kitchen from the rest of the layout. Carpets are also great for dividing the rooms into zones and they are easier to divide because you don’t need a lot of money. You can also try differently dividing the rooms that visually cover the floor. Read the instructions for transitioning the floor here.

Bind the rooms with colors

Separating the spaces is important, but the more you separate them, the more ties you should add. The easiest way is to use the same materials and colors in all parts of the open layout. Pick a light color that you add here and there with pillows, accessories, lamps, maybe a wallpaper wall, pieces of furniture and other items. Keep the color for an even look. Another idea is to rock the same material of the same color e.g. B. wicker or leather of the same color.

Bring the light

Light sources are a must for any room, and lamps and lights of the same style or even the same look easily tie the pieces of the layout together into one and illuminate the rooms. Hang them over each room to illuminate each of them, or use multiple layers of light – one look for each zone and others with different looks. For example, put spotlights everywhere and then hang different pendant lights in each room to make it stand out.

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