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How To Bring A Spring Summer In

Spring is here and summer is closer than you think. Spring is always the best time to freshen up, beautify and make a difference in your home, because this time of year is the season of change. Do you want to give your home a fresh and sunny feeling? Would you like your home to feel like a beach house or a lake house? No problem, I have a few simple ideas you can steal. Let us begin.

Copper tones

Not only is copper now the trendiest metallic shade, it’s also a light and non-hacky shade that will add a sophisticated and elegant feel to your space. In the kitchen you can buy copper accessories: pots, tins, dishes, vases, lamps, and in the living room – coffee tables and lamps are welcome. Copper goes well with all styles and color schemes. When you add it to your rooms, they become fashionable and chic. You can find more copper ideas here.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants are exactly what you need to freshen up and enliven the space. Hang them on a trellis and place anywhere, or create a lush climbing plant decoration to hang over the bed, over the bathtub or over the kitchen countertop. The grid can be original: for example, geometric, to give a more interesting look. You can also use various shelves, beams, hooks, and other items, or just put some climbing plants in pots on the mantelpiece or shelf.

Floral prints

Floral prints are a timeless thing that never goes out of style and nothing screams summer / spring more than flowers. To make the room more airy and flooded with light, choose light shades and bold floral prints, not moody ones. Wallpaper, upholstery, textiles – any option will do, just don’t be over the top, a piece or two of flowers will be enough to create a look.

Slim and minimalist

Don’t add unnecessary decorations and furniture: there is nothing like a clean space with a minimalist flair. Go for minimalist and contemporary decor and create some negative spaces – such spaces make the rooms feel airy and fresh. Need more information on negative spaces to make your home airy? Go here to read our round.

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