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How Embrace Views In The Room

A room with a view is love! Whatever it is – a bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining area, or kitchen – the view is the main decor feature (if we can call it that) and it will have a huge impact on your space. How do you do it perfectly framed? Here are a few ways to do this.

Less window treatments

While we usually cover the windows with curtains or blinds, wonderful views shouldn’t be hidden. To avoid this, keep your window decorations to a minimum: use sheer curtains in case you need anything, or just leave them out – and your view is always there.


If your view is from a large window or balcony, you’ll want to create a seating display that allows you to sit and enjoy the view. This will also highlight the role that you have. You can also try other combinations – a table and chairs by the window if it’s a kitchen or dining area, a couple of chairs to sit and relax, a seat on the windowsill or a desk and chair.

Neutral color schemes

Neutrals are always an excellent form of improving visibility in any room. The bold and contrasting decor will catch the eye, while neutral tones create a welcoming and airy space that connects it with the outdoors as much as possible.


When it comes to bringing more nature right into the house, it is always a good idea to bring in lots of greenery or other plants. The added green creates a seamless approach to how nature looks and how your interior decor has become. Keep plants near a window to make the room look more cohesive.

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