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House With Split Levels

Scenario House is the result of the architect becoming his own client and being able to practice what he preaches. Scenario Architecture bought this Hackney townhouse with the desire to renovate it for their family’s needs. The original goal was to somehow connect the main level to the lower level in the background so that the spaces flow both physically and visually.

The design on two levels enables an angled glass roof over the stairs and the dining table for maximum daylight. The living room leads down to the open plan kitchen and dining room which have access to the back yard. The kitchen connects to a living area with a low ceiling, perfect for a work and play area for children. The formerly uncomfortable space makes use of every square centimeter by stowing it under the stairs. Upstairs, the children had a say in their own bedroom, which ended up in a secret hiding place in the eaves and was accessible via a climbing wall and an exit via a fire service pole to slide down.

The interior is kept neutral, with a touch of graphite gray and black and some structural elements like a wall, brass pendant lights for more interest.

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