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House With Fruit Trees On The Roof

This unique house by Vo Trong Nghia Architects was built in Vietnam. The most unusual thing about it is the fruit trees on the roof.

The Thang House is made of boxes of bricks and stones stacked around a leafy courtyard. It’s the latest in the House for Trees practice range. Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed these houses to bring nature into dense urban environments. Recycled water from a fish pond on the ground floor is used to feed fruit trees on the roof of the house.

Solar panels are said to be self-sufficient and provide energy for the house, while an automatic water recycling system circulates water between the fish pond and the planted areas. In the plan, the house consists of two parallel strips on a small urban plot, one of which contains the living quarters and the other a garden which is surrounded by a high, planted wall. The green wall extends up to the roof garden, which contains nine planted boxes.

The green space lost due to construction has been offset by a rooftop orchard that receives sunlight and protects the building. Openings and balconies in the living areas look out over the green areas and the small fish pond. These outdoor areas are designed to bring natural light, fresh air, and the aroma of grass and flowers into every corner of the home.

Four boxes house the living spaces – a large volume with three smaller projection units that contain bedrooms. These are raised on thin concrete pillars above the garden. Narrow slots in the concrete roofs of these boxes bring in light. Windows offer views between the rooms and the garden, and large sliding doors allow the interior to open onto the balconies. With traffic routes that lead through this mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces, different elements of the house were given different material surfaces. The Thang House’s concrete floors and exposed stone walls contrast with dark wood furniture.

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