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House Stripped Back Aesthetic

The Brazilian architect Rodrigo Simão designed a house with a large shovel roof and a round pool near Rio de Janeiro for himself and his family.

A huge curved metal structure forms the roof and is covered on the underside with hardwood floorboards, an asphalt sheet and shingles. Glass walls extend to the top of the curve, and the glazing around the top two levels not only offers a wide view from inside the house, but also shows the different assembly and construction from the outside. These include steel pipes painted white that are filled with concrete to form columns, beams, and concrete marked with boards. Some of these concrete sections are used to hang artwork around the house, while a half-height concrete wall on the first floor supports the counter in the kitchen. It is equipped with a stove with chimneys protruding through the roof.

The house in Samambaia has three levels: a mezzanine, a ground floor and a basement. Sliding glass doors open the ground floor onto a deck covered with wooden planks seven centimeters thick. Welpe’s wood-paneled art studio is on the other side of the deck and has stairs that lead to the roof. The living room, kitchen and dining room are openly arranged on the ground floor. White wooden-framed doors enclose an office and the bedrooms are in the back.

Simão continued the restrained aesthetic of the house through the interiors. A white metal staircase with steps made from pink peroba, a wood native to Brazil, leads to a mezzanine floor. A number of elements of the decor were also made specifically for the project, including wooden furniture, bathroom countertops and yellow lampshades. Simão also contained a number of recycled items such as old doors and hardwood ladders. Check out this lovely home and enjoy the simple aesthetics and bright artwork!

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