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House Sculptural Volumes

The MHS house designed by ASWA is located in Mae Hong Son, a northern province in Thailand, surrounded by majestic mountains. The small residential project, which was designed for a German-Thai couple, should look like a sculptural volume in the middle of the vegetation landscape and have open and illuminated interconnected rooms in its interior.

ASWA’s project consists of three concrete structure volumes that are stacked and slightly shifted from one another. On the ground floor there is a living area with a small pantry and toilet. The second floor has a work area, an outdoor deck above the first band, and a hot tub. The top floor is the master bedroom and bathroom. The large skylight with a view of the mountains offers a lot of light. The interiors are mostly white, with richly stained wood and some metallics, but the accent is on the view and plenty of natural light. The interior spaces form a coherent unit with the exterior areas. They are decorated in the same color palette and style to make them a uniform area when sliding doors open. The volumes are connected by stairs and every piece of space is illuminated with daylight through large windows and sliding doors. The furniture is rather minimalist and mostly wooden, with bold stains to contrast the white walls.

The architects covered the second and third volumes with a synthetic wood facade that gives the illusion of a light structure sitting on a heavier volume of concrete. All three volumes have a size of approx. 6.60 x 6.60 m and a height of 3.45 m, which corresponds to a total area of ​​approx. 135 m². The house emphasizes natural ventilation for energy efficiency and its roof is clad with solar panels that can provide electricity for hot water.

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