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House Rough Concrete Facade

The CM house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was built by the Dado Castello Branco Arquitetura studio and has a rough concrete facade. The architects took a contemporary approach to both the exterior and the interior of the house. Behind the concrete shell is a very warm and inviting environment with lots of wood and beautiful earth colors. The spiral staircase that connects all levels is one of the best features. It’s very elegant and stylish and combines the two main materials that define the whole project: concrete and wood.

Like most contemporary homes, this one also focuses heavily on the relationship it has with the environment and with nature in general. All 1200 square meters of space are a nice mix of indoor and outdoor areas. The interiors have floor-to-ceiling glass doors, often with curtains that open them outwards, letting in both natural light and stunning views. This seamless integration of inside and outside is also emphasized by a series of courtyards and gardens that bring nature closer to the living spaces. On the ground floor there is a unified social room with direct access to the pool area. Above are all bedroom suites and at the very top there is a leisure area with sauna, fitness room and whirlpool.

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