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House In The Trees Defies Gravity

This holiday home designed by Luciano Kruk is located in a neighborhood on the Costa Esmeralda by the sea, about four hours outside the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. It seems to defy gravity. A house in the trees hovers in the midst of a cluster of pine trees and almost blends in with the natural landscape.

With a desire to reduce maintenance costs, the architects suggested exposed concrete and glass for the project’s materials, which also resulted in its minimalist aesthetic. On the sloping plot of land, the house rises from the ground to rest on a small volume of structure, which helped reduce its impact on the environment. The base becomes the entrance and the service and machine rooms that operate the house. The pool juts out of the earth like the house, so it’s hard to believe that it is filled with water.

The first floor, on which the public rooms are located, is two meters above the ground. The bedrooms are on the top floor with side partitions on either side to ensure the privacy of the neighbors. The interior opens to the rear of the house where there is privacy and better views. The decor inside is as laconic as it is outside, with black and gray furniture and copper pendant lights. The master bedroom has a long and narrow window, next to which you will see a desk. It was done to keep the room private with curtains.

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