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House Flooded With Natural Light

What is special about this house that we are discovering today? The house, known as the push-pull house, has an open and bright interior, while the exterior matches the sheltered residential architecture of handicrafts from the 1930s. The house was built by London-based architects Cullinan Studio, which is divided into sections so that the light enters the interior through the glazed gaps.

The push-pull house consists of a cross-laminated timber structure (CLT), which was designed in collaboration with the wood specialist Eurban. Starting with these sturdy craft structures, the Cullinan Studio took a traditional house shape, breaking it down into three parts. The main symmetrical shape of the house has been divided into two parts and now reads as two mono-inclined shapes intersected by an entrance hall and a staircase. In addition to these two shapes, the roof pitch continues to drop to create a large, open plan living, kitchen and dining area with a glazed corner overlooking the garden.

Customers were really interested in a feeling of lightness inside, so that is what guided the approach. Simple massaging is squeezed and pulled in direct response to the setting, bringing in sunlight and daylight. The main volume has been divided into four parts around the central entrance area, with the rooms taking up every corner. On the ground floor there is a cozy study and a utility room. On the level above there is a bedroom in each corner.

The openness of the “breaks” between the individual blocks in combination with glass balustrades promotes the visual connections between the levels of the house. Inside, the house’s CLT structure has been exposed and, together with white walls, provides a light contrast to the dark bricks and tiles outside.

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