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House Enveloping An Old Cottage

The architecture firm Smartvoll received an old house in Klosterneuburg, Austria, and encased it in three other buildings to create a spacious family home. House B is now an apartment for a family of six with a copper roof and a wrought-iron balcony.

The children’s tower, living room and dining area, which connects old and new and where the family comes together, are three areas that make up the new house. A two-story gable building forms this house, which has high rooms under the eaves. On the ground floor there are two children’s rooms as well as a separate toilet and shower room. Upstairs there are two more children’s rooms and a bathroom with a bathtub. A one-story building made up of one room and a flat green roof connects the gabled children’s quarter with the old house.

A small staircase leads down to the children’s building and the third extension building. This is another one story building that houses a comfortable library style living room with a wall of open shelves. Simple wooden planks are attached to the walls and ceiling of the extensions, and the dining room, living room and kitchen share a terrazzo-style floor.

The ground floor of the old cottage is an open plan kitchen and family area with a bathroom and pantry in the middle of the plan. Upstairs there is a master bedroom and bathroom in most of the first floor, which also includes a study and a separate toilet.

Green lawns surround the perimeter of House B, which has several outdoor areas defined by the stepped concrete base that surrounds the four buildings. A small inner courtyard with a tree is located between the dining room, main house and living room. Here is a bicycle shed to one side.

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