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Hotel Vibe In Your Home

Going on vacation is a great way to relax and refresh yourself. And when you stay in a luxury hotel, a lakeside inn or a resort spa, you also enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience and a sound sleep in a very comfortable bed. However, you can create this hotel atmosphere in your own home and enjoy a luxurious life every day. Here’s how to achieve these looks.

Choose soothing colors

Soothing colors ensure that you sleep better and relax faster. This is an unbeatable option for a bedroom. Nothing beats white walls, and luckily there are new lacquer products that can keep your bedroom walls looking flawless. You can also play with textured white wallpaper or add geometric accents – wallpaper walls are a hot decor trend. To add a touch of design to the room, keep the accent colors cool and neutral with soothing grays and graphic blacks. Deep blues is also calming and always stylish. Don’t forget the color gloss. Higher gloss colors in the right places, like furniture and paneling, can really add glamor to a room, meaning your bedroom will look more hotel-like.

Make your bed irresistible

Everyone likes one thing about luxury hotels: the luxurious beds. And you can restore that mood by investing in new beds! Crisp, clean and freshly laundered sheets that say “I’m on vacation!” Have something special. Look for thread counts over 500. Try a cozy down comforter and feather mattress topper, add lots of fluffy pillows, the fluffier the better, toss at the end of the bed for a homely feel and maybe a pop of color. From comfy pillows to fluffy, absorbent white towels in the bathroom, who doesn’t want to feel like you’ve come home to enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep in a bed that looks like a 5-star hotel?

Make your bathroom spa-like

While everyone says luxury is all about bathtubs, it isn’t and when you shower it’s great too! Freshen up your shower: water, light and sound, harmoniously coordinated, ensure a deeper sense of well-being. Let the stress go away with a waterfall on the countertop, giving your spa a touch of serenity. Install dimmer switches to set a calm, sunset-like mood and capture the essence of the tranquil ambience of a professional spa. Use sleek metallic finishes like rose gold and gold or matte black to make your bathroom look modern in the end. Add accessories like luxury bath products and chic furniture straight to the bathroom to make it amazing.

Add appealing fragrances

Don’t forget your sense of smell as you create an environment that appeals to your senses. Beach, flowers, or clean and fresh, smell is a great way to transform your space and instantly get you somewhere else without leaving home. Use candles and plug-in options that will make your home smell amazing – fruity, beachy, floral, or whatever you like
This not only applies to bedrooms, but also to bathrooms: your bathing experience will change fundamentally with aromatic candles. The good thing about candles is that you can make them yourself by giving them any scents and making them completely chemical free.

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