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Home With Three Different Heights

The architecture studios SNARK and OUVI have built a house in Saishikada, a wooden house with a pitched roof in the suburbs of Midori City, Japan. The rectangular residence is located in the middle of a high hill on a flat plot of land three meters above the main road and offers views of the surrounding rural landscape. Inside, the house is split over two floors while its layout creates a stacked relationship between its various functions.

The residence consists of two levels, with the ground floor comprising the kitchen, living and dining room and bedroom, all of which are connected to the garden via several openings. This floor also includes the studio, which appears to float to the side and contains a large window with a wonderful view of the surroundings. Small bumps extend outward along the long side of the rectangular floor plan and serve as storage space for the kitchen, bathroom, entrance hall and other equipment. By designing the side walls at a 45 degree angle, they become load-bearing walls that act in both directions to protect the structure from earthquakes. Some load-bearing walls are placed between rooms, but there are no structural walls inside.

The architects have placed a dark, thin room on the second floor, consisting of two beams with a gap and four offset columns that support the 19 m long span of the gable roof. This room includes the DJ booth and the children’s room. While the first floor is designed to feel close to the natural surroundings, the second floor is more like an observation deck that offers a view of the surrounding rural landscape. The interior with the large pitched roof offers the residents a rich experience through the stacked rooms while they go about their everyday life.

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