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Home Weathered Wood Concrete

The Argentine architect Alejandro Sticotti lifted a wooden box over the glazed kitchen and dining room of his family’s holiday home called Le Pedrera on the coast of Uruguay. The house is a five-minute walk from the beach and serves as a vacation home for his family, which includes his graphic designer Mercedes and their four children.

The main residence features a mix of materials, including board-marked concrete walls, floors, and ceilings that are textured from the imprint of wooden planks. While these remain exposed in the private areas of the home, the walls on the upper level seen from the street are covered with slender, weathered panels of wood.

Weathered wooden walls surround the ground floor, which is where the kitchen and dining area are located. There are large glass areas with doors that open to a deck with a hammock and gray wood furniture, as well as the back garden. The increased volume above houses the lounge and bathroom with windows overlooking the sea. The living areas of the main residence are also shared with the small two-story guest house at the other end of the garden, which has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The couple worked together to complete the establishment of the property.

On the ground floor, the same materials are combined with bright white tiles and a large number of wooden details such as the dining table and shelves. Lighter white is brought in by large kitchen furniture and a sofa with a stone sink.

A metal staircase with wooden steps leads to the first floor. Wooden floorboards that continue to the adjoining bedroom reflect the exposed concrete ceiling above. The space is detailed with bookshelves and a long desk in front of a window. The stairs then lead to the roof.

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