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Home On A Hardened Lava Field

On a hardened lava field in Kona, Hawaii, is Makani Eka, one of the newest residential buildings from Walker Warner Architects and Philpotts Interiors. The home has four separate structures with sky, sun, and water views inspired by traditional Hawaiian villages.

The structures, which maintain a strong connection with the natural surroundings of the place with lava and grass, all open outwards and are connected to a lush courtyard and a koi pond. Slanted steel columns, steep roofs and rhomboid window and door openings add a touch of modernity to the rich inspiration for traditional and cultural design. Lava stone is used throughout the exterior as a reference to the design of the historic Mokuaikaua Church. Western red cedar cladding and roof shingles protect against moisture and insects, while concrete floors help keep interiors cool during the day. The interiors span around 4,800 square feet of the 1.5-acre property, but the placement and orientation of the structures towards the view makes the three-bedroom residence feel more expansive.

The main living capsule and the structure in which the master suite is located are closest to the sea, while the three structures in which the two guest suites and communal relaxation areas are located are inwardly. Sliding doors are dotted throughout the property to allow the outdoor interiors to flow seamlessly. A standout feature both indoors and out is the custom concrete tub that takes up a cozy space outside of the master bedroom. Tucked away inside the property are various outdoor seating areas for social gatherings.

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