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Home Office Cabin

Working from home is more common these days, but not everyone has room for a home office in the house or apartment, and sometimes it is not very comfortable to work with other distracting family members. What should I do? Install a workstation cabin – a geometric multi-purpose sanctuary designed by Budapest design studio Hello Wood.

The Workstation Cabin is a creative 15-page piece that can become anything: a highly functional office, a guest room or a playroom for children. It’s pretty compact but has enough space inside as the walls have been slid at different angles. The interior opens up and feels a lot bigger than it is. Thanks to several skylights and windows with irregular shapes, it is flooded with light. If it’s dark don’t worry, there are built-in lights that are enough to get you to work or do anything else you want. Natural Scottish pine and large windows create a cozy, yet light-filled space that you can enjoy all year round. It is insulated and with its built-in air conditioning, the structure offers a long-term solution all year round, regardless of the weather outside. The cabin is equipped with the latest technology and has sockets and internet access to keep all technical devices running.

The 15-sided booth was designed on a computer so drafts of the design can be sent to a CNC machine for easy manufacturing. As with most modular prefabricated house structures, the cabin is built off-site and then delivered and installed within a few days to avoid disruption to the home. Install one next to your home and enjoy your privacy or just work without being distracted!

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