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Holiday Home 18stone Barn

This vacation home is located in Corippo, Switzerland. It has a very distinctive appearance with a rugged stone-clad exterior, imperfect roofline, and a strong rustic feel. You might think it looks like an old barn and you would be spot on. This used to be an animal barn, originally built in 1850. It was converted into a modern holiday home by the Rafael Schmid Architects studio. The project was challenging, especially given the limited space the team had to work with.

The barn house has a total area of ​​68 square meters on two levels. As expected, there is a very strong contrast between the inside and the outside of the building. The exterior has been preserved as much as possible, with certain modifications and additions of course. However, the interior has been completely redesigned to become a suitable living space.

The interior reveals a pure and simple collection of spaces. The living and dining areas are combined into one and a staircase, which also serves as a storage room, provides access to the private area of ​​the house, in which the sleeping area is located. There is very little paint inside and all of the walls are white, while the floor, ceiling and furniture are made of wood with a natural, light finish. This helps to create a light and airy interior and to offset the small windows. The house is also very interesting because it is completely self-supporting. It has solar panels on the roof that generate all the necessary energy, and it draws water from a natural source that is in close proximity.

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