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Highly Adaptable Shelving Unit

Storage space is essential in every home. The more stylish it is, the better is not only the functionality! Today we share a shelving system that is stylish and practical at the same time.

The GATE shelf by designer Artem Zakharchenko is not an ordinary shelf, but uses movable wooden rods that are placed on a metal rod to create a striking and dynamic structure. GATE is a very adaptable piece of shelf that can change its appearance and instantly adapt to your needs – it can literally hold anything anytime! In the zones, the device can be used as a wardrobe, storage place for wine glasses, shoe racks or even as a small desk! This adaptability makes GATE perfect for use at home as well as in commercial environments such as bars and restaurants.

Such a shelf is a good idea for any modern space, and if your entryway is large enough – put it there, it will do a lot of work for you!

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