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High Tech Nature Inspired Lamp

We’ve seen a lot of nature inspired designs, and here’s another article that is inspired by nature and even the ecological situation in the world.

A light bulb went out in the minds of 3 designers: Mitja Schneehage, Michael Wilde & Sofia Christidou. The idea was that it was time to rethink the light bulb. As part of the reminder that we are destroying 78 million acres of our rainforests every year, some of this new light bulb design is actually made from charcoal obtained from burned rainforest. It’s a beautiful, but bittersweet, reminder that we must do something to protect these climate stabilizing areas from destruction.

Called the light of hope, this lamp can make a bold statement in any modern home and is a must have for those who think environmentally friendly. It’s not just a modern, eye-catching lamp, but an installation that makes us think of the future. Although we are quite moody and remind us of the scary future, it is still a light of hope that makes us think that everything will be fine.

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