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Hanging Nightstands

We keep sharing ideas to make your bedroom eye-catching and modern with bedside tables. We have already shown you some floating ideas to save space, unique bedside tables with different pieces of furniture and much more. Today we share another original idea – hanging bedside tables.

A hanging bedside table is a very creative option for a bedroom. It will certainly attract a lot of attention and you will know that such a bedside table is not to be seen everywhere. You can find a hanging bedside table for every style of room and if not – just for home improvement – there are plenty of tutorials out there. A hanging bedside table doesn’t take up any space, which is great for small bedrooms. Now let’s look at some examples.

Swing style hanging bedside tables

To give your room a whimsical and whimsical touch, you can opt for a swing-style rocking table. It’s usually made of a piece of wood of varying thickness and a rope or thread of your choice and looks pretty smooth. You can color it or paint it however you like to best suit your space. If it’s an attic bedroom, use four strings to make the bedside table more stable. Make sure your swing is next to the wall as the swings are usually pretty tight and don’t hold too many things. A swing bedside table is great for adding a playful and entertaining touch to a bedroom for adults or even children.

Hanging bedside tables

Usual hanging bedside tables consist of three strings, as they are mostly round ones. If it is a modern table, it can be a slim round table of any color with slender strings. Do you want to add an industrial touch? Make a table out of metal and rope, but the most popular option is a natural looking hanging table out of a piece of wood with a raw edge and a rope. You can design your hanging table the way you want it to fit perfectly in the bedroom. There are lots of ideas and tutorials. Get inspired!

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