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Halloween Yard Decor Ideas

Get ready for Halloween and decorate all of your indoor and outdoor areas for this crazy holiday! Today we’re sharing some ideas for decorating your front and back yards, and I’m sure everyone will find an idea or two that will come in handy.

But first prepare the rooms. Clean up the trash and debris in your yard and remove old decorations, if any. Pick a common theme and stick with it: a cemetery, zombies, aliens, or ghosts. You can mix them up, but not too much to keep them stylish. Use special lights and fog machines for a creepy effect. Secure your decoration: paper ghosts can blow around, pumpkins can fall off railings. Make sure all of your decorations are on flat, sturdy surfaces or hung from a strong source with a sturdy string, wire, or fishing line. Now let’s look at the decorations themselves.


These decorations are some of the most popular decorations for Halloween, and that’s not surprising as it’s easy and inexpensive to make yourself. Take a chicken wire and look at it humanely. Then put it in your garden. You can also paint them to glow in the dark and look more terrifying. Another idea is to add a foam head and cover the figures with a cheesecloth to look more real. Put some on your swings, porch, and entrance, you won’t regret it.


These guys are fantastic for stylish and simple Halloween decor. Buy some from dollar stores and create your own skeleton scenes: skeletons playing cricket, sitting on chairs, walking skeletal dogs, skeletons hiding bodies, and other scenes for fun. You can also create a cemetery scene with some skeleton parts in autumn leaves. This only takes a few minutes.

Cemetery scenes

This idea is among the coolest and easiest to recreate. Take some plywood like old cabinet doors and turn them into simple tombstones easily and quickly. There are tons of tutorials available on the Internet. Write down some fun names and epitaphs and place them in your yard. You can add some creepy characters and ghosts here too, and zombies will be there too. Skeleton decorations are also suitable for cemetery themes.

Other ideas

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas for you to try: witch circles, creepy creatures, zombie characters, and even zombie dolls, Michael Myers characters, man-eating trees, and the like. Here everything is up to you, your decor theme and creativity. Check out the ideas we found!

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