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Halloween Tree Decor Ideas

A Halloween tree is a cool and very unusual decoration for such a holiday and can be a real centerpiece in your room and a conversation starter for your guests. How do I decorate one? Let’s take a look at some catchy ideas!

Color schemes

To make your Halloween tree stylish, you need a color scheme. The best colors for the tree itself, of course, are black and white, and they are very compatible – you can combine them with many shades of color that you like. Since it’s Halloween, you can go for purple and black, purple and green, black, white and orange, or just create your own color scheme that feels like Halloween to you. If your tree is the usual green color, decorate it with some super brightly colored ornaments to make it bolder.


For ornaments, you can rock traditional Halloween colors – green, orange, gold, black, and purple. If you’ve got any leftover from Christmas, put them to good use. You can also shop wildly and creatively, or make some ornaments right for your Halloween tree. This could be Jack Skellington, skulls, skeletal hands, and other things that you would love to hang on the tree. You can also opt for oversized striped ornaments that scream Halloween.

Halloween detailing

Since it’s Halloween, it’s time to upgrade your Halloween tree with all its elements: bats, witch hats and brooms, signs, cobwebs and spiders, skulls, creepy masks, dolls and the like – anything that reminds you of Halloween is welcome ! You can also style the whole tree as a witch by adding legs, a hat, and a broom to it and decorating it with just a few ornaments and lights. Another idea is to rock a skeleton in a tree as a Halloween tree – that’s super unusual and brave!

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