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Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

Are you planning a Halloween party and want to impress your guests from the start? Then you need to decorate your outdoor areas and porch for Halloween too, to unify the spaces and create a mood. We have prepared a slew of great ideas to design your porch for that spooky vacation. Take a look!

Colors and themes

Stick to the color scheme you picked for your party and rock the same theme. Black and white are among the most popular color combinations. You can also try black, orange and white, a touch of green or purple, or even neutral colors that are now popular for interior decorating.


What to use for decorating your porch for Halloween? The same as inside! Skeletons and skulls, bunting and garlands, candle lanterns and jack-o-lanterns, natural and artificial pumpkins, bats and spider webs, spiders and snakes, ghosts and creepy branches, lights and signs and much more. You can gild the skeletons and skulls to make them more elegant, make some Halloween signs and artwork yourself, paint, stencil, carve and dip pumpkins to match your decor, make some bats and spiders yourself, make some blackboard signs – that’s them! Easily create creepy candle holders and candle lanterns using tutorials from across the web. Realize a lot more crafts to make your porch for Halloween and make it more personal.

Lights and candles

Add mysterious light to the porch by using lots of candle lanterns and jack-o-lanterns to enhance the porch decor or by using simple fairy lights. You can also place some black trees with lights to light up your porch.

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