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Halloween Console Table Ideas

Most of us have consoles at home, and styling and redesigning them in different ways is a cool way to welcome the seasons, holidays, and other occasions. Today we’re taking a look at some ideas to help you decorate your console table for Halloween, the scariest and funniest holiday.


The first thing to figure out before designing the console is the colors you want. The most traditional Halloween color scheme is black and orange, and you can choose it if you want. Do you want something contrasting? Try black and white, which are classics and basics and will suit most entrances. Make this color scheme bolder and chic and add a golden touch to the console. If you like bright colors, don’t be afraid to rock them, either! Do you have a bold console in your entrance area? Stick to the unique color to get items of the same shade or to craft. Such a decor will definitely stand out!


Cover your console with white or black web to mimic the spider web, or leave it as it is and think of decor. Which items should be used? It depends on your decorating style, especially vintage, minimalism, modern, rustic or any other – choose the style to decide on the items. There are many opportunities! First of all, these are pumpkins, artificial and real, neutral, black or colored. The next idea is skulls and bones, which are hugely popular for Halloween decor – let some of them rock out on your console in black and white. Fake birds and spiders are a cool idea to create a creepy feeling. You can put birds on branches or walls, and spiders can be attached to the wall or placed on the table. Add cages, candles in different candle holders, spider webs and the like. You can also freshen up the wall above the console and hang some marquee lights, signs, artwork, and even decorative plates if you’d like. Whether you’re creating a minimalist display, being super bold and modern, or trying something shabby chic with a worn feel, your console is sure to enjoy the vacation!

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