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Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorate your bedroom for the coming Halloween! We usually decorate living rooms, entry areas, kitchens, but bedrooms – not too much as they are usually not visited during parties. But if you really want to have that Halloween ghost in your bedroom too, decorate your bedroom for Halloween. Here are some decor tips and ideas you can use.


You won’t be changing the colors of your bedroom, but you can add decorations, accessories, and the like to keep the color scheme or to skip it. If your bedroom is gray, black and white, or black and moody, it’s great for Halloween. You can just add a few bold accents and voila, the room is ready! If it’s different colors, you need to coordinate the colors, e.g. B. Add black and white to red or purple, choose black and gray for a green bedroom, and so on. If your bedroom is completely neutral, which is popular now, you can spice it up with black and graphite gray accents or whatever colors you like for Halloween – they work without spoiling the look!


The most popular idea for decorating Halloween bedrooms is getting the right bedding because the bed is the centerpiece of your room and it is very easy to just put the bed on and then change the bedding when the vacation is over. Add spooky and moody pillows inspired by Halloween. This is another great idea that doesn’t require a lot of money or time. If you have a gallery wall, just swap out the hanging pieces for creepy and scary ones. Add lights or neon signs, get candles in candelabra, decorate your table and wall lamps with black lampshades. Bats, pumpkins, spiders and snakes are all welcome to make your bedroom more Halloween-like. Of course, you can also add other items that you think are appropriate for this vacation. Get inspired!

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