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Grey Yellow Living Room Ideas

Gray and yellow are one of the most popular combinations for different types of decoration as they are refreshing, vibrant and go with different decoration styles. This combo is great for all types of spaces, from kitchens to bedrooms, and today I want to take a look at how to rock these colors in a living room.

Living rooms in gray and yellow are very lively, refreshing and lift the mood because yellow is reminiscent of spring and summer, which is especially necessary in cold seasons when we have no sunlight. You can vary different shades of gray and different shades of yellow to achieve the effect you want. Choose subtle shades like dove gray or light yellow for a calm and peaceful interior, and anthracite and neon yellow for daring interiors.

Try different shades of gray

Decorating with gray is a clear thing, as this color is good for everything: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, upholstery and accessories. Just vary the shades to get what you want. If you want something airy and neutral go for dove gray, if not – anthracite is exactly what you need. Black looks good too and contrasts with gray and yellow. If you want a lighter look and feel, add white or cream.

How to give yellow to your decor

As for yellow, it is more difficult to use this color properly and not get a tasteless result or make your living room too bold. If you already have a gray living room, all you can do is add a few yellow accents that can be changed up when you’re tired of it: a console table, a couple of frames, a mantelpiece, pillows, and throws. You can also add some bold yellow artwork and ottoman or ottoman to liven up the space.

You can choose different shades of yellow to create different effects and create different environments. If you’re not sure about light shades, go for light yellow and it will look completely neutral. Fat yellow looks cool and contrasts with very light or very dark gray and also neon yellow. If you love sunlight and want a lot of yellow then make the whole room yellow then just fill it in with gray as you like.

Use textiles, works of art, simple furniture such as chairs, stools, tables, and lamps to emphasize the space, as this is the easiest and cheapest way to go.

Now check out some ideas for mixing and matching these colors and their different hues. Most of these projects are easy to create yourself and do not require a lot of money or time.

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