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Grey Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas

Gray and yellow are a bold and cool color scheme for rock. These are contrasting shades that work together to create a perfect look. Such a combination, filled with sunshine and happiness, can be a very good color palette for a kitchen that can energize you and help you wake up in the morning when you come down for a cup of coffee.

Gray and yellow can be applied to many styles of decoration, but the most common are farmhouses, modern, modern, industrial and minimalist. You can experiment with dark gray and lemon yellow for a moody room, with light yellow and dove gray for a pastel kitchen, with light grays and piquant yellows for a shiny and bright feel. Such a color combination can be complemented well with white, black, navy and background green, but you can also try different bright colors to make the room bolder.

Start with the walls: will they be gray or yellow? Are you going to do an accent wall in bold yellow or skip this idea? If your kitchen is mostly covered with cabinets, the only thing to watch out for is that they go for yellow top and gray bottom for a trendy two-tone look, or moody gray cabinets or sun-yellow swings. Update the look with a white backsplash or if you have an all gray kitchen make it bold with a bright yellow backsplash. Play with your kitchen island and rock just one of these colors or both. For example, create a gray kitchen island with a sunny yellow curved countertop for dining on. Add trendy geometric prints to brighten up your kitchen and add catchy pendant lights. Get inspired!

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