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Grey White Kitchen Designs

There is no more popular and timeless color scheme for a kitchen than gray and white – these colors complement each other perfectly and go with any style you can think of. Today we’d like to share some ideas about the kitchens in this color combo to inspire your next renovation – maybe it goes on now that you’re in self-isolation and it’s a great way to do something useful.

Colors and textures

Gray and white are a perfect pair of colors to mix with. Everyone can find something here. If you love bold and high-contrast rooms, choose white and dark gray or graphite gray. If you’re a fan of neutrals, go for white / cream and dove gray or other light shades. Gray and white are usually spiced up with some metallics – neutrals for a more elegant look or gold, copper, and brass to warm up the room. You can also give the room a warm, rustic touch by adding natural wood tones – choose countertops or a kitchen island.

Furniture and accessories

Gray and white kitchens are often two-tone, this is a hot trend today and the upper is white while the bottom is gray. This way your kitchen will look lighter, it’s like an ombre effect. You can also opt for a gray kitchen with a white kitchen island, countertops, and a backsplash to keep it fresh. Hang fancy lamps and chandeliers over your kitchen to highlight the style you are looking for. Add rugs, potted plants, and other accessories to liven up the room a little and avoid dull looks. Enjoy!

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