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Grey Walls Ideas

Gray is a very popular color for home decor: it’s more neutral, goes with most decorating styles, and has many shades. Many homeowners prefer white or gray walls, and this is a great choice for creating a neutral canvas to fill in, but let’s face it: such colors are very plain and can add a little dullness to your space. Unless you fill the room with something particularly bold and eye-catching, or play with textures, you risk getting a very simple room. How do I avoid that? Make your walls interesting! We’ve already shared some non-boring white walls, and now it’s time to check out the gray ones.

Molded part / panels

Moldings and panels of various types are sure to make your walls interesting. Gray walls with moldings add a sophisticated touch to any room, from the dining room to the bedroom. There are tons of different ideas when it comes to panels – from bold decorative panels to those with acoustic features. You can opt for a single statement wall with panels or ledges, or you can simply cover all walls with gray panels of your choice for soundproofing.


Wood is timeless and it is ideal for adding a natural touch to any room. It always works! Integrate wood in shades of gray with a cool statement wall or even all walls clad in gray wood in your room decor. If you have a forest or chalet interior, try a gray weathered wooden wall or walls. If it’s a seaside or beach house, choose light gray wood plank walls, which can be rough and washed out as much as possible.


Bricks on walls and ceilings are extremely popular and go with many styles, from industrial to minimalist. Go for a gray wall or walls of different looks – sleek modern bricks for a contemporary space, rough gray bricks for an industrial or vintage space. Such an idea is great for adding texture to the room.

Plaster / concrete

Plaster of paris is very popular on walls these days and it is a great idea to add subtle texture to your walls. Concrete is a modern and industrial solution that actually always works, and gray concrete is almost a classic. Try what you like and get inspired!

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