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Grey Kitchen Designs

Gray is one of the most popular colors for the design of any room: it is neutral, easy to combine and absolutely timeless. Plus, it goes well with many styles of decoration. Gray can be combined with various neutral, dark colors, with its own different hues and many bold colors. Today I want to show you how to pull off a gray kitchen so you never want to leave that room.

Light gray kitchens

Light gray shades are extremely popular for kitchen furnishings: They are soft, relaxing and can be easily combined with any desired touch. For a modern and even minimalist look, go for a sleek look with no handles. For a vintage look, choose the right cabinets and add glass cabinets. You can freshen up the look with white counters and walls. To make it more eye-catching, you can add metallic accents, especially lamps and handles. So that your kitchen doesn’t get boring, add textures or colorful accents to the room. It can be a marble or stone backsplash, a wooden dining set, concrete counters or walls and of course cool tile backsplashes.

Dark gray kitchens

Dark grays are also very compatible and you can rock them with almost anything. Dark gray shades are best for creating an atmospheric space that is so popular today. You can add navy, black, and dark green with copper fittings to make a beautiful atmospheric space. Dark gray hues can also be used on vintage kitchens with white counters, backsplashes and walls to freshen up that darkness – they look stunning! Add in metallic handles and fixings, some eye-catching tiles for the backsplash and interesting pendant lights, and voila – an amazing dark gray kitchen is ready!

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