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Grey Bathroom Designs

Gray is one of the most popular colors for home decor because it is universal, has many shades, and you can combine it with almost any color – it will look cool. Bathrooms are no exception – if you don’t know what color to choose for your bathroom, go for gray, it will always work! How do you do that to avoid boring looks? Here are a few ideas.

Color schemes and styles

First, decide on the style of your bathroom – will it be contemporary, modern, minimalist or different? Once you figure it out, make up your mind on the color scheme – do you just choose gray or do you combine it with something else? Gray also offers many shades, from dove gray to very dark graphite gray, so you can find something you like. Gray goes very well with white and black – this is a classic color scheme. If you want a warmer look, want to add natural wood or MDF, if you want a sophisticated feel you will need copper, brass and gold fittings, while black will do for a modern interior.

To avoid boring looks, you can cover your room with different types of tiles in gray or choose different tile tones. Incorporate concrete, stone, marble, wood and other materials in gray to make your bathroom look edgy!

Furniture and decor

Furniture should match the style you choose, as should the decor. Select them accordingly. Furniture can be made from different materials and this is a great way to add some other colors to the room. Make sure you bring some potted green to freshen up the look of the room.

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