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Grey And Coral Home Decor Ideas

Gray and coral are a fantastic color scheme, soft and calm, suitable for any modern, contemporary, versatile vintage interior and also for beach houses. It’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and even home offices. Gray and coral are rich in contrast, yet very relaxing, especially when you add beach accessories to the interior. Gray is easy to use in decor: gray walls, floors and textiles; Corals should be used more carefully because of their brightness: a coral statement wall or statement furniture, pillows, lamps, or bed headboards will look fantastic and not overly. Get inspiration from the ideas below and apply this color scheme to your home!

Gray as a base

Gray as the calm base color is usually used as the base for your space – dove gray, light gray, and even graphite gray walls and floors are just the thing to set up the base. You can also place gray furniture, accessories and works of art, carpets. If you love trendy, moody rooms, graphite gray and very dark shades, almost black, is the way to go. You can combine different shades of gray with each other or freshen up shades of gray with cream and white tones that brighten the room.

How to add coral

Coral tones are usually used to upgrade the room. You can incorporate different shades of coral in a number of ways: make a statement wall or two walls, a piece of furniture, accessories, artwork, and textiles. Don’t go for too much coral unless you want to get a super bright space, which is a bad idea for home offices and sometimes bedrooms since that’s where you usually want to work or relax. If you want a lighter and more relaxing feel, go for lighter coral tones.

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