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Greenery Home Decor Ideas

Pantone announced its colors for 2017, and this time it’s nothing pastel or cute. This is a neon and piquant color: green, a shade between green and yellow. This is not an easy paint to use, but we are here to help you incorporate it into your interior.

Shades of green look good in neutral interiors and add an eye-catching touch. They can also be used in unexpectedly colorful environments: pink, navy, burgundy, black and white, blue. In such cases a strong accent is used.


An accent wall is an easy and cool way to add a trendy shade to your interior. No matter which room you choose, such a wall will catch the eye. It can be painted or covered with patterned wallpaper, like here Moroccan inspired.


If you do not want any serious changes, you can incorporate textiles of green color into your decor. Sheets, blankets, curtains, pillows, rugs and upholstery make your interior very stylish and bold, and this is a very budget-friendly solution. This color is eye catching, and it definitely will, so don’t be over the top, style is simplicity.


Furniture is another solution to add color to your interior for 2017. Here you have a super wide range of pieces and styles to try out: chairs, sofas, cabinets, stools, upholstered chairs, sideboards and other things with every look and style are available. Add some accessories or artwork to match your bold furniture. Get inspired!

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