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Green White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Today we may all lack green and the connection to nature – we remain in self-isolation and it is a good idea to bring in a few greens. You can do a bit of renovating your home, adding shades of green here and there. Today I want to share some ideas about green in the kitchen – green in the truest sense of the word!

Color scheme

Green and white is perhaps one of the best color schemes for a kitchen because it is more natural. Green is a perfect way to add color to the room, and it doesn’t bother after a while – we’re usually all used to it. There are many shades of green to suit all tastes – from light and light green to bold and dark green and teal, so you can create a very natural and soft space or a contrasting and extra bold one. The proportions of green and white are also up to you, depending on the look you want. Suh, a color combination is usually lit up with metallics, mostly copper and gold, but you can also go bold and modern with black or soften the look with natural wood tones and grains.

Furniture and accessories

When deciding on the amount of each color in the room, go with green or white cabinets, or just green or white, it’s up to you. If you have a white kitchen and want to add color, you can easily do it with a green tile floor, rugs, accessories, and potted green. If you want to freshen up your green kitchen, go for white stone countertops, a white tile backsplash, and stools or chairs. Don’t forget that accessories also play a role: bold green cookware, china, and other smaller items.

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