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Glam Kitchen Design

Kitchens are very important in any home, they should be functional and stylish at the same time for cleaning, cooking, storing and eating. It is quite difficult to find a balance and, most importantly, to add character and mood to the kitchen. Not everyone can keep that balance, but some designers and owners can, and today’s kitchen is one of them.
This kitchen belongs to Lieve Saether, owner of Turnstyle Design, and she designed it herself. It really was a dramatic makeover. Saether’s strong suit is made up of unexpected mixes of pattern, color, and texture. She says the key is not to take her too seriously and to follow your own creative intuition. Buying chevron wallpaper was a daring solution, but it looks unusual and completely changes the space. The furniture and all cupboards are white. The designer opted for cool glamor accents. So she decided to use gold for some doors, door handles and lamps. Open shelves in the kitchen are a popular way to create more storage space in the kitchen because they don’t look bulky and can hold a lot of things.
The dining area is separated by a room divider that doubles as a worktop. Patterned wallpaper looks great with rough bricks, and there are several striped textiles – a carpet and curtains. The wall with the doors to the terrace is decorated in black for contrast, and that shows again how well the designer can mix patterns. Have fun with the pictures below!

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