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Girls Room Headboard Wall

Do you remember when we told you about a gender-neutral nursery by Russian designer Elena Sedova? Here’s a more stunning project, and this time it’s a girls room.

The decor is modern and chic, it revolves around the amazingly patterned wallpaper headboard wall. One wall opposite is purple-gray, the third consists of a wardrobe hidden behind the sleek white doors, and the fourth is completely taken up by a large window that lets in lots of light.

A comfortable large bed has a light, weathered wooden headboard. One bedside table is a small black table, and instead of the second there is a wall-mounted desk. This small work area is decorated with a cute bright garland to make it more welcoming and cozy. There are also cool cloud ceiling lamps that add a charming look to the room.

The space has been structured with a rattan hanging chair by the window and a large blackboard for leaving messages. Crochet baskets for clothes and other things add a textured look to the room.

This girl’s room is a beautiful example of how a small room can be decorated with taste, style and dreamy and airy, eye-catching and not boring at all.

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