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Geometric Capsule Chair

Although there is a modern trend for open spaces both at home and at work, people still need a private space where they won’t be disturbed. The piece we share today is here to bring you solitude, help you focus, and work privately or relax.

MZPA’s planet is a multifunctional haven for privacy for thinking, working, reading or even just day dreaming. The piece is made of 4 legs, 51 triangular plywood segments and a triangular metal cover, but the main thing is not the creative look. The geometric capsule is comfortably fitted with a mattress that protects the occupant from noise and distractions. Storage bags and shelves, tablet holder, LED lamp, USB charger, wireless speaker system and even solar panels for standalone power supply. Color and fabrics can be customized in addition to optional technological features.

This is an ideal solution for various open spaces, for lobbies, terraces and lounges of all kinds. A little privacy is always a good idea. Work, dream, relax in your own little private space!

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