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Galley Kitchens With Pros And Cons

A pantry is a kitchen that consists of two parallel units that form a central corridor. It comes from the kitchens on ships, in which everything runs in a straight line. It’s a great solution when you don’t have a lot of space or when a house is long rather than wide. Due to the frequent lack of space in modern homes, such kitchens come upstairs and we encourage you to consider some pros and cons to help you decide whether or not it is your perfect kitchen.


A pantry is less expensive than a large open kitchen. You only have two sets of cabinets with simple rectangular countertops.

A pantry is efficient. The appliances are easily accessible as you have a very efficient kitchen work triangle. Because it is smaller, fewer steps are required between work areas. In some kitchens, the sink, refrigerator and stove are on the same wall.


However, a pantry is usually not designed for many or even a few people. Due to size restrictions, a pantry can really only accommodate one or two chefs at a time. The correct spacing between each counter is also important to ensure that people can cook comfortably and walk past each other. Sometimes such kitchens don’t have windows so you may have to sacrifice the view and natural light.

What is to be considered?

Take into account the setup and size of your kitchen as you design it properly. Make sure that the main appliances – sink, refrigerator, and stove – are either in a triangle or in a row close together. Use light or high-gloss finishes for a more open feel. The placement of lights is important to create the illusion of more space. Use a monochromatic color scheme in a light color to create the illusion of a larger, more open space.

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