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Furniture With Batteries

François Chambard of the UM Project fascinated everyone with his innovative line of interconnected furniture called Patch. This is not just furniture, but a real source of energy that is enough for an entire apartment.

Every piece of furniture has small batteries that make it its own mini power station. With all connected parts, including a battery-powered solar panel housing / bank, it becomes a microgrid that can distribute enough solar energy to power a micro-apartment. While most electrical networks are out of sight, Patch changes that by showing the connections and circuits live. Patch charges in just eight hours with a run time of 24 hours without sunlight.

The green piece is equipped with solar panels and is made of recycled HDPE plastic and aluminum. The blue piece houses a charging connection and a socket and consists of 250 glass-lacquered connection tiles. The yellow piece contains criss-crossing glass tubes and gold-colored wires, an idea similar to a power pole. The brown piece is made from 200 phenolic tubes, an old industrial plastic that is often found in early transistor radios. It includes built-in lighting and sound. And finally, the red piece, which is a large light box, consists of printed glass panels that create a moiré effect.

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