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Furniture Girls Boys Rooms

The children’s furniture collections Luigina and Luigino from New Design Porte are intended for those who want a sophisticated children’s room design.

Luigina makes all little girls’ dreams come true! This is a universe where the little princess can play, dream, have fun and relax in the delicate pink and white tones with delicate floral patterns and handcrafted carvings. This is a nifty collection of furniture in the best traditions of vintage princess-style rooms with exquisite shapes and chic accents, frills and floral decorations.

Luigino is a collection for boys’ rooms and was inspired by the magic of the sea. The main colors here are blue, navy and white, traditionally reminiscent of the sea. Elegant handcrafted carvings make headboards and furniture frames look gorgeous, and small wooden anchors and steering wheels, which are also handcrafted, complete the stunning look. Valuable fabrics and a variety of patterns that are reminiscent of the sea inspire adventures around the sea.

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