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Furniture Collection Marble Walnut

Do you like luxury If you do, watch out for this luxury furniture collection called Dolmen, which features a combination of two chic materials: walnut and marble.

The collection includes a range of dark walnut designs ranging from sideboards to dining tables and chairs to lighter white oak seats. The Mexican design studio Esrawe based the collection on the research and search for a balance between elements of different materiality: Long pieces of wood are placed on a proportionally small marble base. Such a tension between a suspended and a support element is interesting.

The sideboard and dining table have wooden panels supported by black marble plinths. These bases – although different shapes – taper gently from bottom to top and have rounded edges. The base for the dolmen dining table peeps through the walnut top. The flat table surface has gently curved sides and beveled edges and is held in place by wooden slats that are crossed underneath.

It is accompanied by the kanji chair, which is formed by a rounded backrest supported by two inverted, Y-shaped legs on either side of the seat. Alternatively, the Compás chair offers the option of a lighter frame and an upholstered seat.

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