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Functional Mid Century Wall Units

A wall unit is not particularly popular today due to the minimalist style that has conquered all spheres. Just imagine how functional such a piece can be! Actually, very often it was part of a mid-century interior, and now it’s a cool idea for those who love mid-century modern style. Luxurious, beautiful wall units made of teak, oak, ash, birch and other types of wood not only look cool and create an atmosphere, but also do not take up much space, but offer space for many things and even a small work space. Check out the mid-century wall units below and find out how to incorporate them into the interior!

Wall units

If you need a lightweight looking wall unit that doesn’t take up any space, a wall unit is for you. It can have a variety of closed and open shelves, shelves, and sloping shelves that are symmetrically and asymmetrically arranged. Such a unit can also contain a small desk in the lower part of the piece so that you can work comfortably here as well. Such a wall-mounted unit is a great space-saving solution with plenty of storage space. This is a very clever idea.

Detached units

A mid-century freestanding modern storage unit is also a good idea as it can also be used as a room divider. Such a unit can only have closed storage compartments and cupboards or also some shelves and other elements such as desks. It’s entirely up to you what to choose if you want a statement and a bulky look – choose closed storage compartments and if you want a more airy feel – go for more open shelving. Enjoy!

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