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Functional Flashlight Torch

Since the phone had a flashlight, flashlights have not become so popular. But Allocacoc’s FlashLight is the big comeback of a torch. This is because this torch is super functional and is a brand new version of the old and beloved piece.

The FlashLight is delivered in a slim frame the size of a rod, which is made entirely of anodized aluminum and at the same time remains elegant and light. The LED flashlight on the front is available in both warm and cold versions and has a single button that not only turns it on and off, but also adjusts the brightness. The FlashLight is designed to work better and last longer. It dispenses with the pencil battery system and comes with an 18650 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 75 hours at the lowest setting.

The FlashLight is compact enough to be carried with you. It can be used longer than a smartphone and in all weather conditions, and comes with a range of accessories that make it much more than a flashlight. The accessories transform it into a night lamp, a reading lamp and an extremely elegant desk lamp, which with the help of a reflector diffuses and diffuses the light in an exquisite way. The FlashLight can even be used outdoors thanks to its waterproofness and can even be conveniently attached to a bike with its bike clip, turning it into a temporary headlight.

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