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Functional Chopchop Kitchen To Simplify Kitchen Tasks

Kitchen chores can turn out to be more complex than they seem, especially for the elderly and disabled. Industrial designer Dirk Biotto created ChopChop Kitchen to help, it’s so functional! The ChopChop kitchen counter is height-adjustable, a perforated back plate hangs the most frequently used kitchen utensils to keep them visible and easily accessible. With a lot of storage space, more items remain within reach. A retractable hose makes filling pots easier, and a slope in the sink helps pull heavy items out onto the work surface. A milled slot in the work surface serves as a stop for slicing bread and an embedded grater makes it easier to grate – a drawer underneath collects the grated vegetables and fruit. A vise for holding and securing bottles, jars, cans and a grid provides a slider with an additional knife for difficult-to-cut vegetables and fruits. Everything is planned, bravo to the designer!

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