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Fun Fast Food Furniture

If you love fast food or just want to enjoy colorful and eye-catching furniture, this furniture collection is for you! Seletti and Studio Job bring fast food to the fair. A hot dog and a hamburger – archetypal images of American pop culture – are transformed into real furniture, creating the ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection. The debut of the series marks the introduction of the Italian brand into the world of upholstered furniture, which blends Studio Job’s irreverent attitude and penchant for playfulness with Seletti’s affordable affordability.

The ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ expand the first collaboration between Seletti and Studio Job, which included a range of Victorian-influenced ‘industrial’ patio furniture. For the ‘Fast Food Furniture’ collection, an open hot dog bun becomes the actual structure of a sofa and houses an upholstered sausage. Meanwhile, the bun seat is shaped like a hamburger, while a pickled cucumber becomes an armrest and a tomato slice becomes a back cushion. This furniture makes a fun statement in any room and you simply add a touch of humor with fun and colorful furniture that is inspired by food!

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